Saturday, 27 December 2008


The real thing is much harder, two or more days of saying the right thing, being gracious, having to talk, and being called to the phone every time one is making gravy ,serve admirably to hone the social skills and use of arrow prayers. Facebook is so much easier, a wind down at the end of the day, a response to some totally irrelevant or childish plea to send a snowman or put a present under a virtual tree, or check up on the whereabouts of progeny and their friends. It does nothing but amuse or satisfy a need to check on your own homebuilt and often tenuous social cybergroup. You don't need it, you can manage without it, it is like popping in to the club, seeing who is around, a quick chat, catch up on the gossip, and see what everyone is wearing and how they are. Twittering, the microblogging next generation status deliverer is easier still. Only 140 characters may be used , no one can go on and on, and it is all about you, you you..
The real thing is much harder. We have introduced guests to the BBC's comedy Royle Family. A tribute really to Harold Pinter, who also created Kitchen Sink dramas . Networking on a sofa with its limited number of participants probably reflects many of the Filey sitting rooms this week. Jim and Barbara had a wonderful Christmas day this year . The Christmas lunch , for those who were not blessed to watch it , was Cup a Soup with a twist(in a Bowl) and Carrot Crush. The Royal family networked with consummate skill , tact and all the social skills that mattered, and enjoyed a truly model day. I have one more week to go , will try and keep the 'door to my lips closed ' and introduce a new party game "Guess whats happening to Micks?". No comments here please . Its going to be C........s.

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