Tuesday, 23 December 2008

everyone's singing hallelujah

as i write this post, a song called hallelujah is the christmas number one in the charts; and number two and also at number 36. it's not a new song, but to many, who have downloaded the version by x-factor winner alexandra burke, it's new to them.

so what does hallelujah mean? wikipedia says it '...is a Hebrew word meaning praise the Lord.' it also says hallelujah is '...used chiefly in songs of praise or thanksgiving to God.' so thousands of people across the uk are singing praises to god? probably not. in the same way when we sing along to wizzard's i wish it could be christmas everyday, we don't really mean it. (do we?!). as a christian i think it's great that a song like hallelujah is popular right now, but a lot of us sing along to songs where we don't really know or understand what the lyrics are about. i know i am guilty of this. sometimes we will never know why a songwriter has written those words, other times the meaning of a song is much clearer. the real beauty of music is that we can take many different things from a song, there is no right and wrong way of intepreting what someone has written.

the challenge is to take a deeper look at the lyrics of the music you listen to and try and get an insight into what the songwriter was trying to say, or see if you can find something new in a favourite track. there are plenty of websites where you can search for song lyrics for free, try it if you have some spare time over christmas.

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