Friday, 12 December 2008

coming to church? that will be £9 please.

had a successful day tackling the christmas shopping in beverley today. a place that you can spend hours wandering up and down the shopping streets. we’re finding a new great cafe every time we go (try the tea cosy on highgate and ask for the cheesecake).

we finished the afternoon with a look round the minster. we had a very warm welcome (they looked after our shopping while we looked round!). i was really challenged by the welcome you receive at york minster (see here). i wonder how many people are put off visiting a church like york minster because of the price list. you can pay for a tour at beverley minster or pay for a photography permit, but these are optional, not compulsory charges to look inside a church; a place of worship, prayer and a spiritual community. how beverley minster operate should be a real challenge to york minster and others, there was no pressure to pay to look round a beautiful church.

as well as a great building, there was a well stocked shop, appropriate quiet spaces, modern sculptures and at one side preparations for an evening youth cafe (live band, comedian, dj etc.)

a fantastic example of how we can be using our church buildings (especially the big, beautiful ones?) for more than just sundays.

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