Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Progress so far

This current trial uses Blogger, but with slight alterations to the HTML code to adjust the basic layout (i.e. Three columns instead of two). Third party HTML has also been added for things like the slideshow, bible reading and google maps. Some of the main links have started to be populated (See 'About US'), but there is a lot of work to do here. We need permissions and have to think very seriously about security and privacy. Because of the work load involved the site will be launched with limited content but will then grow. The links you can see only represent a fraction of the envisaged content, and does not include things like Mission, Mother's union, Sermons, Envoy etc.

Simon's vision of an outward looking website with up-to-date news and involving the whole church community, as well as providing outreach to the wider community is the thing to aim for. We need to reflect how God is working through us in the world and should encourage people to involve themselves rather than stay sitting at their computers.

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