Wednesday, 19 November 2008

christ has no body now but yours

how about this for a prayer/reflection? love it.


  1. Yes , me too. Please show me how to embed a hyperlink into the main blog like this. Have printed it off to send to my friend having an op tomorrow, and think we could share it tomorrow.

  2. fairly simple to do. i started writing the process but think it will be easier to show! will go through it at our meeting.

  3. This is a test comment to see if we get notification e-mails that a comment has been posted. I have listed myself and Simon as e-mail recipients for now, so you should get an e-mail notification Simon.


  4. Dearest Simon

    Great Blog. Nice poem but it might cause confusion, I realise that we are part of the body of Christ on this earth, but surely Christ is physically resurrected and in his resurrection body now, sat on the right hand of God. He will be coming back in this body in power and glory - hopefully very soon!! If this isn't the case, what hope do we have as Christians ?



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