Thursday, 23 October 2008

This Is Going To Work

Margaret, Simon and Calum

I've already created this blog site, together with two other blog sites linking to 'Homegroups' and 'Young People'. You can have as many blog sites as you like and each one can use a different template. BY GEORGE I THINK WE'VE GOT IT!!!


  1. Love it already and thats just first impression of first quick look, as really should be catching up on other things before boys arrive tomorrow.let me know if you receive this comment , not sure what bottom Comment as:means

  2. Ive got it too, i just had to follow my Google account link.

  3. wow, this looks good and i agree i think it can work well for us. i've played around with blogger and worked out how to provide a feed from the other blogs onto the main one, so happy to work on that with you.

    what's next? did a meeting happen last week? we were snowed under with family, we have the young people's weekend at wydale this friday so have no time this week. happy to pick things up whenever and with whoever!

  4. Simon, Only just realised there were some comments!! I think you can get blogger to e-mail you to let you know. Perhaps we should do that? I know how to feed blogs into the main blog area, but what would really be good is to feed various blogs into the sidebars that you can click-on to expand. Like on your friend Tim's Blog. Any ideas?

    Next meeting is tomorrow (Thursday 6th Nov), but understand if you can't make it (Wydale). Have a great time.



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