Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Like good coffee-bring a friend to Cafe Church this Sunday

The Coffee team have been doing the barista without the bother since June now, and we've got it sorted. We look forward to serving you on Sunday. 
Chloe ,  Pauline , Linda and I can even remember who drinks what . We know the Health and Safety routine, we remember to use freshly ground Coffee using near  boiling water . We have a Frother for cappuchinos, we've heard of skinny flat whites, and decaffs . We serve Herbal teas, Earl Grey for Wendy, Hot Chocolate for Eileen and Liquorice tea for Ann, and ordinary tea for David on the computer with Paul. Rev Wilma doesn't usually have anything but water. 
I start looking forward to Cafe church on about Tuesday , so with  4 days to go start planning your weekend round it. Now what shall I wear? Who will be there ? HE WILL!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Gillian Wilson , our beloved Churchwarden at St Johns

There will be many photos of Gillian , but I have chosen this one taken at Cafe Church in October 2014 in St Johns Church. She died on Saturday night following a recent stroke . Her Thanksgiving service will be at St Johns on Tuesday 9th December at 10.45am.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Pauline reports herself

Teaching and Ministry Away Day.
On Saturday the 22 November a group of 11 of us from St. John’s went along to St. Hilda’s Church at Ravenscar to take part in the Alpha course DVD with Nicky Gumbel, having been through the first session “Who is the Holy spirit?” at St. John’s the previous evening.
In the Church Hall we started with tea and biscuits very kindly provided by Liz kitching. There were two morning session, “What does the Holy Spirit do?” and “How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?” All three sessions gave the answers to the questions posed. They were thought provoking, funny, serious and informative. After these three sessions we had lunch together and then did our own thing for about half an hour. Some stayed indoors, some went out into the damp air for a refreshing walk, it was damp but not that cold.
It is worth saying at this point that I had been praying about the impending events of this day for a while and wanted desperately to experience the Holy Spirit, I had had a dream and a huge eye was looking at me and a voice said to me “You will see” I didn’t really understand what this was and to be honest I didn’t expect to feel anything more than I had felt at my Confirmation, which was a wonderful experience, I was on a high for three days.
We were now ready for the afternoon session in the Church. We had heard different stories of how people react when they encounter the Holy Spirit but I thought, this won’t happen to me. What a surprise, I had been praying for only a short while, or so it seemed, when I heard a strange noise, a very high pitched sort of singing, not a soprano, higher. I started to tingle from my toes upward, I can’t really remember where it stopped but I started to tremble, mostly on my right had side and then to cry. I was aware of Andrew our Vicar and Liz Kitching one of our (retired) Vicars praying over me, and the singing, the tingling and the trembling subsiding and then building up again, when this had subsided again I recall Liz saying to me do you want to sit down, which I did. It took me a while to gather myself together and then I joined in the praying over the others who were receiving the Holy Spirit or having healing prayer.
It was altogether a wonderful, amazing and Godly experience and I hope this account of my experience will encourage someone else to take part in future teaching and ministry away days.
God Bless you all.
Love from Pauline Jackson

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Reporting back

Pauline reports back that she had a wonderful time at the Alpha away day, and she was not the only one. She was filled afresh with the Holy Spirit and so pleased to share the joy with us all today at Cafe Church . 
I realised this morning that so many of you are not on Facebook so cannot see our #cafechurchfiley pictures each time on the Filey Parish_UK Facebook page. I haven't been putting the photos in the Picasa Albums on this Blog either so when I have a moment will put a selection for you to see what we get up to at Cafe Church .

Today was typical -lots of good coffee was drunk , lots of singing and chatting and an hilarious sketch called the Tone Deaf Angel, a sketch with a twist too, and you will have to ask one of the angels to tell you the gist- Mrs Ann Stringer, Rev Liz Kitching , Mrs Jacqui Walker and Rev Wilma Horton oka Gabriel and a heavenly Host  and you will be surprized which one was Gabriel.
After Cafe church we seamlessly moved into a Soup and roll and Cake lunch to raise money for the  trip of young people from Filey School, to Mexico ,with Chloe who went this year. They will work on a project building houses for homeless people. 
SO Ive put a few pictures of the morning here for you. If you want to learn how to use Facebook, ask a teenager!! I would love to help anyone in Filey Parish who would like to use it, its a really positive experience if you learn how to use the Privacy settings. 
Jay, Courtney and Maisie

Cleo getting material for her blog

Louise and family


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